Community Resilience Forum One

Thank you to the 24 people that took part in the first Wellingborough Community Resilience Forum that was hosted by One Wellingborough Plus and partners. Thank you to Marion, Annette, Wendy, Jennie, Jaya, Joy, Myrle, Debbie, Gary, Jo, Skye, Claire, Adam, Trina, Tonya, Brian, Jenny, Karon, Judy, Richard, Paul, Jonathan, Suzanne and Jonathan. 

It started with everyone introducing themselves and was followed by hosts Marion and Jonathan talking about the One Wellingborough Plus project. Marion then introduced the reason for the Community Resilience Forum, explaining why we all introduced each other. We then moved on to what is Community Resilience with everyone giving examples of this.

Delegates then were asked what are the Community Resilient ingredients and shared lots of ideas. The next question answered was what challenges are we facing. We then, after a short break, looked at what we can do. The forum provided lots of really useful feedback and of course networking for all. We recorded it for those who could not join in this time, with a few small edits, here it is from start to finish:

Marion and Jonathan also scribbled away whilst everyone was speaking, so we could share most of the great comments that everyone shared. Here is a concise transcript of what was said:


Marion Turner-Hawes, Victoria Centre Manager, looking forward to this session to reach across community to connect 

Annette Bridgeford – Governor for Kettering General Hospital Wellingborough Constituency, wants to change lack of trust to visit hospital and GPs. 

Wendy Steele – Network with lots of organisations and Street Pastor, linking with Daylight Centre, Teen Challenge and All Saints Church 

Jennie Scales, Principle Social Worker of a new team set up in Wellingborough since October, linking people up to community, difficult with Covid. 

Christine Ostler, associate All Hallows and All Saints, deputising for Rev Paula York. 

Jaya Taylor, work with Marion and Jonathan on One Wellingborough Plus for Dostiyo, Community Engagement BAME and Eastern European Communities 

Joy Cain, deputising for Rev Ben St Marks, wants to learn what group is about and to forge links 

Myrle, Community Engagement Coordinator Made with Many, main aim to promote and make accessible Art in Wellingborough Communities, has created networks with other organisations, feels forum is a good way to create more. 

Debbie Dymock, Careers Advisor, joined as a local resident. 

Gary Johnson, GLJ Theatre, Glamis Hall Deputy Chairman, Theatre Director 

Joanne Peploe (Jo) Glamis Hall, works on One Wellingborough project with Victoria Centre 

Skye Summerton (Community Champion) and Claire Dobson (People Manager) from Morrison’s Wellingborough, both keen to get involved in community resilience projects. 

Adam Henley, Councillor and resident in Queensway, volunteer at One Wellingborough 

Trina Breedon, Family Support Link, Wellingborough supporting families with Substance abuse 

Tonya Kingham, Penrith Family Support Centre, Trustee at Service 6, wants to build better community support 

Brian Skitrall, from Bozeat, borough ward councillor in Croyland,  

Jenny Dixon, trustee of charity Sofawise who accept good quality furniture to give free to referrals who need it and people on social benefits.  Unfortunately, no warehouse (currently looking) or current collection service due to covid 

Karon Turner-Hawes, |Karon’s Support Services, youth and community development worker, working with Victoria Centre and One wellingborough Plus for the disabled and LGBT+ communities. 

Judy Sumner, from Great Doddington, Wellingborough Eco Group Membership Secretary and active Wellie Womble. 

Richard Jackson, Acting Chair Victoria Centre, involved with the centre since 1979.  

Paul Crofts, Northants Rights and, Wellingborough Health, community connected. 

Jonathan Etkins, Borough and County Councillor, good at sorting housing issues out, also likes helping Glamis Hall, particularly after they helped his father-in-law. 

Suzanne Jones, Wellingborough Homeless Shelter, Welllingborough Eco Group Committee Member 

Jonathan Hornett, works at the Victoria Centre as One Wellingborough Plus Coordinator, also Secretary of Wellingborough Eco Group and a Home Delivery driver at Morrison’s. 

One Wellingborough Plus and the Community Resilience Forum 

Marion said that the forum is not just for town, it’s all for the whole the borough. 

Jonathan Talked about the One Wellingborough Plus Community Resilience project and our partners activities. 

Marion talked about the reasons for the Community Resilience project. 

Marion then introduced the reason for the Community Resilience Forum, explaining why we all introduced each other. 

Marion then asked everyone a series of questions: 

What is Community Resilience? 

Myrle – Community Strength that helps each other 

Jo – All of us working together 

Judy, Survival and bouncing back 

Jenny D – Agrees with Judy 

Brian, People getting together to bounce back 

Wendy – having the energy to crawl 

Jennie – Resilience is person to person, it’s not a once size fits all, likes this forum 

Marion – It’s about sustainable 

Skye – important that it’s not just a buzz word, it needs to carry on. 

Are there Community Resilient ingredients? 

Wendy – People with different skills, capitalising on a variety of people. 

Skye – Having shared values, all playing our part. 

Marion – Contributing in a safe way 

Adam – Volunteers, people having time. 

Brian – Keeping the sense of community by keeping talking to everybody – Keeping connections 

Wendy – Agree and coordinating  

Jennie – Respect and value for the whole community 

Jon Etkins – Community plays to its strengths and avoids duplication 

Marion –  

Jonathan – Inclusion, giving everyone the opportunity to join in 

Marion – Make everyone heard. Also business, making sure they are heard. 

Wendy – Valuing animals and nature, everyone likes Bo the dog! 

Jo – Businesses working together as Community Champions 

Tonya – Being adaptable. 

Richard – Representing Eastern European community, making them feel welcomed.  The Victoria Centre has a good history of doing this. 

Marion – Making a community that can cope with shock.  Helping people to cope with situations by creating a network to give support when needed. 

Gary – Giving people the opportunity to enjoy life, by giving people fun things to do. 

Marion – A resilient community can draw on this community to be resilient. 

What challenges are we facing? 

Jenny D – The disappearance of venues, community centres, churches 

Karon – People feeling isolated 

Adam – Funding, the economy is not in a great state, North Northants in a flux 

Adam – People change habits, people of got out of the habit of doing stuff like refereeing 

Annette – Trying to get people back to see their GP, build back confidence and to stop them being scared 

Myrle – Mental health issues, lots of people wanting stuff open now, other scared. 

Gary – Youngsters don’t have pride in Wellingborough 

Tonya – Ask young people what they want. 

Brian – So much uncertainty, hopefully coming to the end of covid but how many people are still going to have their jobs if they have been on furlough.   

Brian – People that have had covid have PTSD/long covid, really worried 

Jo – People have lost their confidence, some elderly not walked anywhere for 12 months, Glamis Hall are going to be buddying up with people to help them 

Claire/Skye – If there are vulnerable people coming into store, to ask for Skye to help them with their shopping in store. 

Jennie – Impacts of bereavement, some people will be missing people that they were connected to. 

Marion – Organisations having to let people go 

Marion – Council changes causing uncertainty. 

Marion – Jobs being done may be lost after 

Judy – People are worried about the Climate Crisis that we need to deal with. 

Marion – Education Crisis also a massive concern 

Skye – Remembrance, Cransley Tree of Remembrance 

Marion – VC to have a wall of remembrance, these losses are people not just numbers 

Wendy – Wall of remembrance, my church, perhaps using All Hallows 

Jaya – Mark ‘Lockdown Anniversary’ of March 23rd, send ideas to Jaya 

Jennie – Dangers of duplication, using Churches Together and the Interfaith Group 

Marion – Forum is about sharing, not owning ideas, we need to join up by inviting 

Myrle – Use an umbrella organisation to share 

Myrle – Include relations from other countries. 

Jo – Remembrance, use tree in town centre or set up a second sentataph 

Jo – Invite police 

Brian – Likely to be a civic act of remembrance by the borough or town council. 

What we can do? 

Jo – Go with what we know. 

Jo – Share information. 

Karon – Make use of each other, work with each other and share services 

Marion – Understand what requirements 

Jonathan – Added that the website people used to register for this forum ( will also be used as a directory for local services, with profiles and videos used to show what different organisations are doing.  

Jennie – Told everyone about Northampton Care and Support Directory, to share 

Jenny D – Northamptonshire Care and Support Directory missing out on small groups, her group would struggle with large numbers. 

Marion – How do we help other groups. 

Wendy – Have drop in sessions, like Teen Challenge but open to everyone.  For everyone that doesn’t have access to technology with someone to support. 

Jenny D – High St Church has a drop-in centre that will restart after covid. 

Jenny D – Said that we are lucky that the library is still open, it’s there for people to drop-in and other space is available. 

Adam – Sign posting will be vital, people need to know who does what service.  Councils don’t know what they will be providing, how do people know. 

Adam – Organisations should be allowed to close if they can’t survive, for example Queensway Partnership may not survive. 

Myrle – Any directory needs to be available for those with disabilities and those with English as a second language. 

Skye and Claire – Offered their Café as a meeting space as it is not re-opening until April, also there is a training room available for groups up to six now and moving forward after April for up to 15 people. 

Jo – Glamis Hall have had open days for information, to hold some in future.  Can also use Swansgate Shopping Centre 

Jo – Council say main languages are Polish Romanian, and Hindi, they have someone in Poland that they use. 

Marion – Talked about Timebank and Food Buying Groups and how these can help  

Jenny D – Showed an old advert for a Time Bank and credit union. Credit Union was based at the VC.  Was part of the town partnership and Agenda 21.  Commented that has faded away due to withdrawal of funding 

Jonathan – Shared the registration form 

Jonathan – Thanked everyone for their contributions and for attending. 

Marion – Asked if anyone else had anything to share, then closed the meeting including that we plan to hold these forums fortnightly. 

Jonathan – Said that he will send out the notes and share the video. 

Slides used during the presentations are available on request, email Marion.

The next Community Resilience Forum will be in a fortnight, invites will be sent out via email plus shared here on this blog… If you would like an invite please email Jonathan.

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